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Students in years 7 and 8 continue to engage in Book Buzz Bingo by reading and successfully quizzing on six books for large bars of chocolate and other prizes. Congratulations to Diya 7P2, Minnie 8G2, Ayomide 7C2, Constance 7D2 and Callum 8C2 who have been rewarded with prizes this term, alongside lots of students earning house points along the way.

Our recent summer term AR points Target students are: Rachel 7D2, Jake 8C1, Shardai 8C1, Alfie 8C2 , Jessaline 7G1 and Ayesha 8P1. Outstandingly,  Olaf 7D1 and Madiha 8C1 are double target students and Lemar 7D2 and Raessa 8P1  have hit their third targets. Amazingly, Vinish 8C1 has hit his fourth target! All target students had entries in the summer prize draw for larger prizes such as Amazon vouchers and books.

Students who become word Millionaire readers in our Accelerated Reader library lessons are rewarded with a special certificate and also a free book. Well deserving students who will take a free book this term are Madiha 8C1, Jake 8C1, Diya 7P2 and Andrei 8G1. Outstandingly, Raeesa 8P1 is a double millionaire and has already chosen a copy of Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman! Well done also to Vinish 8C1 for double millionaire status this term.

Shardai 8C1,  Rachel 7D2,  Nabiha 8D1, Jia 7D1, Jessaline 7G1 and Yousuf 8G1 have all worked incredibly well towards Millionaire status and have all ended the summer term having read between 715,000 and 930,000 words and will be rewarded with book prizes also.

The winner of our Target prize draw was Jake 8C1 who has received a £25 Amazon voucher. Second prize is Shardai 8C1 who won a £15 voucher and third prize is Lemar 7D2 who has won a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not book alongside puzzle books.

Accelerated Reader Rapid Reads.

Non-fiction books on a wealth of different topics are always a big hit in AR library lessons, so we have invested in a huge amount of quick reads in all levels to update the books which students love to finish and quiz on within an hour’s lesson. There are lots more popular paranormal titles as well as space and alien themes. Also popular are animal books and vocational books on chosen careers such as marine biology, animal trainers and the emergency services. Popular as always are books on modern gadgets, sport, animals, helpful career guides and weird facts. Come and check them out!

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