Our Vision

& Values

Etone College is a fully inclusive school based on traditional values and committed to ensuring Progress for All. We have high expectations and aspirations for all of our pupils.

We aim to provide the best for all members of our learning community where we are proud of our achievements and celebrate our success and where we are all valued equally. We aim to provide pupils with the essential skills and knowledge that they need to be educated citizens who make positive contributions to their communities in an ever-changing future.

We also foster an understanding of British Values. At Etone we value and promote understanding of:



The Rule of Law

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Tolerance and Mutual Respect for Faiths and Beliefs

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Individual Liberty

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At Etone we aim to:

  • Create a stimulating learning environment based on high expectations of all pupils which raises aspirations and promotes progress for all
  • To provide an ambitious curriculum for all learners including a well-planned personal development programme to meet the needs of all learners
  • To provide high quality teaching and learning all day every day
  • To prepare pupils for their next stage of education, employment or training through a whole school focus on key employability skills and outstanding Careers education and guidance
  • To develop the whole pupil as an Etone Learner (based on skills and values) and to promote their resilience and independence
  • To ensure that we foster the interests and talents of our pupils through extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities
  • To work closely with our primary schools, local community and employers to build and enrich our curriculum
  • To recognise what we have in common but take every opportunity to celebrate our differences
  • To engender mutual respect for others and their beliefs and promote equality for all
  • To provide social, moral, cultural and spiritual learning opportunities as well as develop as students as active citizens
  • To provide a safe, happy, caring yet well-disciplined school environment
  • To build a partnership between home, school, stakeholders and outside agencies to work the full benefit of each and every one of our Etone Learners.