Why we love languages.

Learning a language at Etone reinforces our vision of progress for all. Here at Etone College, we have an aspirational curriculum that gives wider opportunities to all pupils. In order for us to be able to give pupils the best chances, they must learn a language.


There is lots of evidence that learning French and German leads to better job and wider education opportunities, as well as improving our employability skills that underpin our curriculum. We also want to create global citizens and show pupils that the world is bigger than the West Midlands. Because of this, learning a language, where pupils interact with different ways of life across the world, is very important to us. We also know that, as a school, we have a duty to instill our fundamental British values, such as tolerance of other cultures and promoting a multicultural Britain, which we believe is best done through promoting a love of languages. In addition, we understand at Etone our duty is to make progress for all. Learning a language works in tandem with improving pupil’s outcomes in English, disciplinary literacy, and decoding skills in Maths.