SubjectDate Published Download
Language choice letter - French28.05.2024Download HERE
Language choice letter - German28.05.2024Download HERE
Wembley EFL Rewards Trip23.05.2024Download HERE
Year 10 Exams17.05.2024Download HERE
Attendance Information17.05.2024Download HERE
Expression of Interest Silve DofE16.05.2024Download HERE
Bronze DofE Practice Camp16.05.2024Download HERE
Grease Letter16.05.2024Download HERE
Careers Provision10.05.2024Download HERE
Year 7 Zoo Trip09.05.2024Download HERE
Leavers Hoodies Letter09.05.2024Download HERE
Trip to Eton College08.05.2024Download HERE
Expedition Dates29.04.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Examinations25.04.2024Download HERE
RSHE Policy 202419.04.2024Download HERE
PGL Sports Weekend19.04.2024Download HERE
Mental Health and Wellbeing19.04.2024Download HERE
Ski Trip Italy 202518.04.2024Download HERE
Learning for Life Y1017.04.2024Download HERE
Iceland Geography Trip12.04.2024Download HERE
Active Mind Athlete Programme22.03.2024Download HERE
Expedition Date22.03.2024Download HERE
Mock Results19.03.2024Download HERE
An Inspector Calls Trip19.03.2024Download HERE
Careers Day15.03.2024Download HERE
Matrix Awards Evening Performer Letter14.03.2024Download HERE
Grease Trip13.03.2024Download HERE
Italy 202508.03.2024Download HERE
School Half Day Closure07.03.2024Download HERE
Year 10 DMU05.03.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Aston University05.03.2024Download HERE
Year 12 University of Derby05.03.2024Download HERE
Year 12 University of Warwick05.03.2024Download HERE
Pupil Mental Health04.03.2024Download HERE
Anti-Bullying Training Day27.02.2024Download HERE
Iceland 2024 Trip update27.02.2024Download HERE
PE Kit Update27.02.2024Download HERE
Library Human Books22.02.2024Download HERE
Book Fair14.02.2024Download HERE
Royal Albert Hall July 202414.02.2024Download HERE
Standards & Expectations09.02.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Pathways Letter09.02.2024Download HERE
Learning for Life - Working for Marcus 202409.02.2024Download HERE
Learning for Life - Self Harm 202409.02.2024Download HERE
Learning for Life - Calling it Out 202409.02.2024Download HERE
Learning for Life - Talking Heads 202409.02.2024Download HERE
Comic Relief 202423.01.2024Download HERE
Disneyland Paris - Parent Meeting22.01.2024Download HERE
Iceland Geography Trip19.01.2024Download HERE
Ski Trip to Italy19.01.2024Download HERE
New York Itinerary18.01.2024Download HERE
Parent/Carer Support Workshop15.01.2024Download HERE