SubjectDate Published Download
Brussels07.12.2023Download HERE
Carding Mill Valley30.11.2023Download HERE
Mince Pies and Carols30.11.2023Download HERE
Fingerprints29.11.2023Download HERE
Year 12 Curriculum Day28.11.2023Download HERE
Ski Lessons28.11.2023Download HERE
Prefect Trip28.11.2023Download HERE
Christmas Concert24.11.2023Download HERE
Advent Service Choir20.11.2023Download HERE
Food Bank and Toy Drive20.11.2023Download HERE
Uniform Drive15.11.2023Download HERE
Sixth Form Open Evening Helpers14.11.2023Download HERE
Sixth Form Open Evening14.11.2023Download HERE
Prefect Trip14.11.2023Download HERE
Learning For Life09.11.2023Download HERE
Book Fair08.11.2023Download HERE
Expectations Letter27.10.2023Download HERE
Jack and the Beanstalk27.10.2023Download HERE
Oxford University27.10.2023Download HERE
Attendance and Grades27.10.2023Download HERE
Etone Exceeding KS427.10.2023Download HERE
Etone Exceeding KS327.10.2023Download HERE
Warwick27.10.2023Download HERE
Ski Trip Letter27.10.2023Download HERE
Careers Fair Letter19.10.2023Download HERE
Curriculum Day LFL18.10.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Support Letter18.10.2023Download HERE
Children In Need18.10.2023Download HERE
Corporate Letter13.10.2023Download HERE
Moderation13.10.2023Download HERE
New York - February 202410.10.2023Download HERE
Bronze DofE06.10.2023Download HERE
Sixth Form Self Referral Letter22.09.2023Download HERE
Careers Provision21.09.2023Download HERE
Puberty Talk20.09.2023Download HERE
Year 13 Exams November20.09.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Exams November20.09.2023Download HERE
Open Evening Pupil Helper20.09.2023Download HERE
Curriculum and assessment15.09.2023Download HERE
Carding Mill Valley Trip15.09.2023Download HERE
Open Evening Early Finish15.09.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Intervention14.09.2023Download HERE
Macmillan Coffee Morning14.09.2023Download HERE
Help your child revise14.09.2023Download HERE
King Power Stadium Trip13.09.2023Download HERE
Years 12 & 13 Virtual UCAS and Careers Parent Event13.09.2023Download HERE
Punctuality12.09.2023Download HERE
Attendance12.09.2023Download HERE
Learning For Life Day11.09.2023Download HERE
Sexual Harassment11.09.2023Download HERE
Year 11 & Year 13 Careers05.09.2023Download HERE
Year 9 Health Programme 2023/202405.09.2023Download HERE
Weduc18.07.2023Download HERE
Start of Term Arrangements18.07.2023Download HERE
Weduc Letter17.07.2023Download HERE
Normandy Information10.07.2023Download HERE
Sports Day06.07.2023Download HERE
Enrichment Week Year 903.07.2023Download HERE
Enrichment Week Year 803.07.2023Download HERE
Enrichment Week Year 703.07.2023Download HERE
CCF Rissington Gliding Trip03.07.2023Download HERE
CCF Inskip Trip03.07.2023Download HERE
London Trip29.06.2023Download HERE
Year 7 Warwick Castle 29.06.2023Download HERE
Normandy Trip29.06.2023Download HERE
CCF Windermere Trip29.06.2023Download HERE
Year 7 Twycross Zoo29.06.2023Download HERE
Year 8 Twycross Zoo29.06.2023Download HERE
Strike Action28.06.2023Download HERE
Year 12 Working From Home27.06.2023Download HERE
DofE Silver Qualifying Expedition23.06.2023Download HERE
CCF Recruitment13.06.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Leaving Letter08.06.2023Download HERE
Knife Angel Workshop05.06.2023Download HERE
Learning for Life05.06.2023Download HERE
SEN Workshop30.05.2023Download HERE
Etone College Café Prices30.05.2023Download HERE
Year 10 Exams30.05.2023Download HERE
Normandy Trip25.05.2023Download HERE
Warwick University Trip19.05.2023Download HERE
CCF Fairbourne18.05.2023Download HERE
Coventry University Future Pathways Day18.05.2023Download HERE
Macbeth Trip18.05.2023Download HERE
Anti Social Behaviour18.05.2023Download HERE
Mental Health Awareness Week18.05.2023Download HERE
CBSO Rachmaninoff Trip05.05.2023Download HERE
Learning for Life04.05.2023Download HERE
Electronic consent03.05.2023Download HERE
Coventry University Trip02.05.2023Download HERE
Careers Provision02.05.2023Download HERE
Disneyland Paris Trip26.04.2023Download HERE
Strike Action21.04.2023Download HERE
CCF Windemere Trip21.04.2023Download HERE
Wellbeing Ambassador21.04.2023Download HERE
Attendance Reminders21.04.2023Download HERE
Year 10 Oxford University Trip21.04.2023Download HERE
Attendance Reminders19.04.2023Download HERE
Year 10 Oxford University Trip19.04.2023Download HERE
Mental Health Workshop27.03.2023Download HERE
Year 10 LFL27.03.2023Download HERE
Year 9 Exams27.03.2023Download HERE
Sixth Form Wellbeing Service24.03.2023Download HERE
Year 10 English Set Change24.03.2023Download HERE
Y8 Twycross Zoo22.03.2023Download HERE
Leavers Hoodies 202309.03.2023Download HERE
Book Fair08.03.2023Download HERE
Strike Action07.03.2023Download HERE
Comic Relief01.03.2023Download HERE
Careers Day01.03.2023Download HERE
Year 12 Loughborough University28.02.2023Download HERE
Year 11 De Montford28.02.2023Download HERE
Year 10 University of Birmingham28.02.2023Download HERE
Half term letter17.02.2023Download HERE
Strike Action13.02.2023Download HERE
Attendance10.02.2023Download HERE
Aim Group Letter06.02.2023Download HERE
KS3 Literacy Numeracy Workshop30.01.2023Download HERE
Strike Letter26.01.2023Download HERE
HSF Cost of Living25.01.2023Download HERE
Christmas Gift Amnesty10.01.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Intervention10.01.2023Download HERE
Knife Crime05.01.2023Download HERE
Start of Term - January 202315.12.2022Download HERE
Next Steps - Careers13.12.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Lfl Day13.12.2022Download HERE
Flu Vaccination28.11.2022Download HERE
End of term arrangements18.11.2022Download HERE
Attendance 18.11.2022Download HERE
Mince pies and carols17.11.2022Download HERE
LFL Year 714.11.2022Download HERE
Charity initiatives 202214.11.2022Download HERE
Year 12 Coventry University14.11.2022Download HERE
KS4 Work Experience10.11.2022Download HERE
Sixth Form Open Evening - Early Finish Year 12 & 1308.11.2022Download HERE
Book Fair04.11.2022Download HERE
Charity Events 202203.11.2022Download HERE
Normandy Trip02.11.2022Download HERE
Year 9 - Sexting01.11.2022Download HERE
Ski Trip - Italy21.10.2022Download HERE
Working for Marcus20.10.2022Download HERE
Self Harm 202220.10.2022Download HERE
Winter Wellness20.10.2022Download HERE
Letter to Parents/Carers20.10.2022Download HERE
Oxbridge Presentation14.10.2022Download HERE
KS4 Workshop12.10.2022Download HERE
Year 10 Lfl Day07.10.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Lfl Day07.10.2022Download HERE
Careers Fair04.10.2022Download HERE
Careers Provision27.09.2022Download HERE
Year 7 Cognitive Abilities Tests26.09.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Intervention23.09.2022Download HERE
Music Tuition 202223.09.2022Download HERE
Curriculum and Assessment Reminders21.09.2022Download HERE
Year 13 LfL Day20.09.2022Download HERE
Year 12 LfL Day20.09.2022Download HERE
Year 11 LfL Day20.09.2022Download HERE
Year 10 LfL Day20.09.2022Download HERE
Sixth Form Closure16.09.2022Download HERE
Year 12 & 13 Virtual UCAS and Careers Parent Event15.09.2022Download HERE
School Photos 202214.09.2022Download HERE
Open Evening Early Closure13.09.2022Download HERE
Year 7 Bikeability Programme12.09.2022Download HERE
Welcome Back Letter07.09.2022Download HERE
Macmillan Coffee Morning07.09.2022 Download HERE
September Return Information15.07.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Enrichment Letter05.07.2022Download HERE
Year 8 Enrichment Letter05.07.2022Download HERE
Year 7 Enrichment Letter05.07.2022Download HERE
Work Experience Placement20.06.2022Download HERE
Curriculum Day23.06.2022Download HERE
Cologne Parental Meeting09.06.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Leaving Letter26.05.2022Download HERE
Normandy Parental Meeting26.05.2022Download HERE
Year 13 Study Leave23.05.2022Download HERE
Year 7 Snowdome Letter03.05.2022Download HERE
Year 8 Snowdome Letter03.05.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Go Ape Letter03.05.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Black Country Museum Letter03.05.2022Download HERE
Immunisation Letter27.04.2022Download HERE
End of Term Easter Letter08.04.2022Download HERE
Ask Apprenticeships Events01.04.2022Download HERE
Normandy Trip Update25.03.2022Download HERE
Year 10 & 12 Curriculum Days24.03.2022Download HERE
Cologne MFL Trip22.03.2022Download HERE
Parking Letter17.03.2022Download HERE
Belgium Trip Letter15.03.2022Download HERE
Book Fair Letter11.03.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Leavers Hoodies 08.03.2022Download HERE
Sixth Form Prom07.03.2022Download HERE
Comic Relief 202207.03.2022Download HERE
Careers Fair Parental Letter17.02.2022Download HERE
Geography Revision Guide17.02.2022Download HERE
Learning for Life Curriculum Day01.02.2022Download HERE
Communication Update Letter01.02.2022Download HERE
World Book Day 202231.01.2022Download HERE
Careers Provision 2021-202226.01.2022Download HERE
Sexual Harassment - Pupil Voice26.01.2022Download HERE
Year 10 Maths Revision Guide20.01.2022Download HERE
Wellbeing Update17.01.2022Download HERE
Parking Letter14.01.2022Download HERE
Citizenship Update Letter13.01.2022Download HERE
Covid-19 Guidance Update 04.01.2022Download HERE
Holiday Activities and Food Programme09.12.2021Download HERE
End of Term Letter 09.12.2021Download HERE
Speaking up for the planet30.11.2021Download HERE
Safeguarding Letter 26.11.2021Download HERE
Toy Drive & Foodbank25.11.2021Download HERE
Sixth Form Study Days23.11.2021Download HERE
Sixth Form Fundraising 08.11.2021Download HERE
World Kindness Day 202104.11.2021Download HERE
KS4 Assessments03.11.2021Download HERE
Covid Vaccines22.10.2021Download HERE
Careers Day19.10.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Work Experience20.09.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Cognitive Abilities Tests (CAT4)16.09.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Additional Lessons16.09.2021Download HERE
Open Evening Early Finish15.9.2021Download HERE
KS4 PSHE Day10.9.2021Download HERE
Sixth Form Day09.9.2021Download HERE
End of term/ start of term arrangements12.7.2021Download HERE
Sixth Form Enrichment Week7.7.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Enrichment Week7.7.2021Download HERE
Year 8 Enrichment Week7.7.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Enrichment Week7.7.2021Download HERE
Uniform Update Letter21.6.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Leavers Events17.6.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Take Your Child to Work Experience Form28.5.2021Download HERE
Year 9 Take Your Child to Work Experience28.5.2021Download HERE
Year 12 Study Days27.5.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Leavers Letter26.5.2021Download HERE
Face Coverings Letter14.5.2021Download HERE
Training Day6.5.2021Download HERE
Centre Assessed Grades23.4.2021Download HERE
Leavers Hoodies22.4.2021Download HERE
Year 7 Set Changes22.3.2021Download HERE
Testing Information15.3.2021Download HERE
March Return to School Letter1.3.2021Download HERE
February Parental Update3.2.2021Download HERE
Parental Update14.1.2021Download HERE
Free School Meals Vouchers14.1.2021Download HERE
Cancellation of Exams8.1.2021Download HERE
Return to School - January 20211.1.2021Download HERE
Christmas Arrangements 202004.12.2020Download HERE
Flu Consent Form25.11.2020Download HERE
Sixth Form Next Steps Letter19.11.2020Download HERE
Early Closure Notice17.11.2020Download HERE
Single Case - Parental Advice16.11.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Next Steps Letter11.11.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter05.10.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Additional Lessons20.10.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Assessments09.10.2020Download HERE
KS3 Zoning Update Letter24.09.2020Download HERE
September Reminder Letter15.09.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom Cancellation Letter10.09.2020Download HERE
Belgium Residential Trip24.08.2020Download HERE
September 2020 Return Reminder20.08.2020Download HERE
September 2020 Parental Letter15.07.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Live Lessons22.06.2020Download HERE
Year 12 Return Letter12.06.2020Download HERE
Partial Re-Opening Update01.06.2020Download HERE
Cashless Catering Letter01.06.2020Download HERE
Wider Phased Re-Opening Information22.05.2020Download HERE
Parental Information 13.05.2020Download HERE
Parental Guide to FSM Vouchers17.04.2020Download HERE
Letter to Students - Summer Grading 202003.04.2020Download HERE
Easter Break Letter31.03.2020Download HERE
Safeguarding Protocol20.03.2020Download HERE
Coronavirus Update - Closure19.03.2020Download HERE
Education Provision in the event of school closures18.03.2020Download HERE
Mobile Phone Exam Regulations06.03.2020Download HERE
Years 7 & 8 Mothers Day Coffee Morning25.02.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Big Bang Trip11.02.2020Download HERE
Careers Fair11.02.2020Download HERE
Geography Revision Guide08.02.2020Download HERE
Year 11 NCS Letter28.01.2020Download HERE
Sixth Form Prom 202017.01.2020Download HERE
Christmas Arrangements 201902.12.2019Download HERE
Year 11 Prom 202012.11.2019Download HERE
Children in Need05.11.2019Download HERE
Year 9 - Take Your Child to Work Day09.10.2019Download HERE
Year 12 & 13 - Visit to DMU09.10.2019Download HERE
Open Evening 201909.09.2019Download HERE