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I am pleased to introduce the successful applicants for Etone College’s Anti Bullying Ambassadors and I look forward to working with them as part of our team. We will be working together in order to keep the legacy of Princess Diana alive as we work towards a Diana Award for Etone College. Some of our ambassadors would like to introduce themselves and why they became involved in this project…

“Hi I’m Jessica and I applied to be an anti bullying ambassador because nobody deserves to be bullied.” – Jessica Parnell

“Hello, my name is Faith. Bullying is one horrible things on this Earth that millions have experienced.” Faith Lees

” My name is Raahil, I hope to carry on the legacy of Princess Diana and try my best to prevent bullying; Diana once said ‘I dont go from the rulebook, I lead from the heart, not the head”‘ Raahil Khalifa

“Stopping bullies makes us stronger” – Faith Dean

“bullying can be through verbal words and cyberbullying” – Mason White

“my goal is to promote empathy and kindness, making a positive impact in our community” – Erisa Rai

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