Capital Calling

On Wednesday a group of Year 7,8 and 9 pupils travelled to our capital city, London for a jam packed journey through time as part of the History Departments Enrichment Week provision. 

First up was the coach ride, whilst it was clearly an early start for some, as the sun rose it was great to see the landmarks across the country as we headed nearer to the ‘Hub of Britain’. 

Arriving in the big city, our pupils departed the coach and stretched their legs before heading to our first stop, The Natural History Museum. As the pupils delved into the delights of the natural world they were amazed to see first hand how the world around them has developed so drastically. A particular highlight being the mammals on display. Whilst the elephant was impressive the whales were gigantic and the pupils were able to make links between History and Science, something we know Mr Clinton and the Science team would be proud off. 

Next up on day 1 was a visit to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The pupils were in awe of the splendour of it all and very impressed by the dedication and resilience shown by the guardsmen. One pupil considered “They would make a good Etone Learner with their skills.” Something that of course would delight Mr Smith back at Etone, as pupils reflect on the skills and values of Etone and how they fit within the wider world.

In the afternoon the pupils enjoyed a walk in the park and an ice cream courtesy of Miss Kelly-Smith before heading to Bella Itallia where the group enjoyed a two course dinner. We were particularly pleased to be complimented on the way our pupils upheld themselves once again showing our Etone Values in action.

With pupils excited and energised from their meal there was just enough time for a very competitive game of bowling, before heading back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. 

Day 2 – The Tower

After a hearty breakfast with the sun shining down, our group of ‘Londoners’ for the week arrived at the Tower of London where they explored the history of the building and it’s importance in our country’s foundations. Whilst there the group were encouraged to take part in an impromptu performance by the Tower Players who shared the story of trials and monarchs of old.

In the afternoon our pupils had the chance for some more sight seeing with Tower Bridge on the map for a final group photo before getting back on the bus for the journey home. Thank you London for such an amazing time.

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