Results Day Information

A Level Results will be available for collection on Thursday 17th August 2023 from 9am – 11am in the Sixth Form Block.

GCSE results will be available for collection on Thursday 24th August 2023 from 9am – 11am from the Sixth Form Block. Students that have applied to Sixth Form will be asked to enrol after collecting results.

Members of staff will be on hand to provide support and guidance to students who require it.

No results will be given out by telephone under any circumstances.

Should you have any queries regarding results day, please email:


Year 13 Prom

Year 13 were suited and booted on Thursday night as they celebrated with their end of the year Prom.

Taking place at the Heart of England conference centre the pupils began to arrive in style with Mercedes, Range at overs and of course Limos. As always our pupils were well turned out and they looked stunning in their finest wear. 

As the evening began our students were excited to see what was in store for them as they danced the night away, enjoyed the fantastic BBQ buffet and reminisced over the last few years.

One particular highlight being the student voted for Prom Awards where our own Mr Hope got a special mention for ‘Sense of Humour’.

A massive thank you to all who attended and our staff for their efforts. Particularly Miss Churchard, Mrs Sweet and Mrs Chase for organising.

See you on results day Year 13!


Year 13 Leavers Assembly

On Thursday it was time to say a fond farewell to our Year 13 pupils as we arrived at their leavers assembly. Following on from the exam season and with only a couple more to go it marked the end of our students time in college with a bittersweet symphony of goodbyes from peers and staff members.

As the assembly began Miss Churchard, Head of Sixth Form, gave a heartfelt speech on behalf of all at Etone on how proud we are of our pupils.

Across their time with us what they have achieved is truly inspirational with just some of the accomplishments being shared such as; Winning the WBA Challenge Cup with the FA two years in a row, the efforts and maturity shown by our Holocaust Ambassadors, amazing fundraising efforts from the Etone Elect team including Staff vs Students Sport and some of the more individual achievements from our pupils.

With that in mind it was time to share our Progress Praise where those who have excelled in effort or attainment in their subjects received awards and held up as shining examples of the Etone Learner.

Once the formal business was complete it was time for Miss Churchard to embarrass the cohort by playing a game of ‘Guess Who’ by sharing pictures of our Year 13 in their first days at reception or in some cases Year 7 at Etone! 

Finally their time has come to an end and with nothing more but to sign our Sixth Form Canvas 2021-2023 and fill themselves up with sweets, cakes chocolates and donuts our students made their way out to the balcony for one last group photo.

Whilst we are immensely proud of our pupils we will of course miss them as individuals and as a collective. Throughout their last two years there have been a lot of changes within the world and our students have handled them in their stride. For some of our pupils they have been with Etone for seven years and the school will not quite be the same without them.

We would like to take this time to thank our Year 13’s for their hard work and dedication along with their families. There will have been hard times but you have all persevered and we are looking forward now to a very successful results day.


We are the champions… Again!!!

The Etone College Football Academy on Wednesday bought yet again more glory on Etone by winning the WBA Cup for the second year in a row.

The WBA Cup brings in all local teams who receive coaching and support from West Bromwich Albion and their qualified coaches. This shows the quality of the teams and players who were present for the event.

With the glory of last year still ringing in our ears and two teams to represent us our hopes were high and our teams sailed through the preliminary rounds.

Unfortunately, fate dealt us a blow when our teams drew each other for a knock out battle.

Despite this set back and the obvious heartache for one side, the trophy was in site and the lads delivered yet another astounding win. 

It matters not which of our teams won but the dedication, teamwork, and values that they present each day on and off the pitch. We are very proud of you!


Staff vs Student – Part 3

With the summer quickly approaching it was time for Staff vs Sixth Form Football and with that it was a great opportunity for the students avenge there 2 previous defeats to the staff.

Despite the weather being somewhat wobbly, the teams were in good spirits as firm fan favourites including Mr Astall and Mr Sheikh took to the pitch for the pre-match warm up. With the referee clarifying the need for a clean and friendly match any grudges were left for the match in hand.

With three teams playing 2 games each the final result was a complete draw with each team taking one game each:

Match 1: Sixth Formers A 1 vs 2 Sixth Formers B

Match 2: Staff 2 vs Sixth Formers A

Match 3: Staff 3 vs 4 Sixth Formers B

So though the overall results were not affected with staff still leading 2-1 the day was a resounding success as it the main purpose was to raise funds for our Sixth Form Charity – The Nuneaton Foodbank.

The final total raised was £140 which will be welcomed by the bank in supporting those around our community in need during these difficult times. 

Thank you to everyone involved and all those who donated – Now onto Part 4!


Etone Football Academy Result

Etone Football Education Academy 4 – 2 Invictus Academy
In a top of the table clash Etone was up against Invictus Academy on an afternoon full of rain, sun and more rain. Etone started off bright creating chance after chance but we just couldnt put the ball in the net. One ball over the top from invictus and we find ourselves 1-0 down. 38 minutes in we create a great chance with an over the top ball where the etone striker chips it over the keepers head to get us into half time 1-1. 
Second half we made changes and you could see the impact the subs made. Our winger gets a great chance and takes it round the keeper for us to be 2-1 up. Again our striker gets another great chance with back to goal and fires it home to put us a deserved 3-1 up. Invictus then go down the other end about 15 minutes later to make it 3-2. We were still comfortable at this time and with 5 minutes to go our winger breaks through the invictus defence to slot it home and get us over the line.
We now await other results to see if we clinch the title for the second year running (fingers crossed).


Coronation Celebrations

It was an especially sunny day on Friday as Etone College got ready for the joys of a three-day, Coronation filled weekend. As part of our active citizenship and celebrating our British Values our pupils have been exploring this week what the Coronation means and the importance of it on our nation. With the last one being over 70 years ago for some, it really would be a once in a lifetime event.

In Learning for Life lessons pupils had the opportunity to explore the rituals and scope of the ceremony along with the magnitude of what it means to the UK with once again, the worlds eyes upon us. Pupils also got the chance to take part in the Coronation Quiz where we will be announcing the winners shortly.

Over in the café our catering team cooked up some sublime treats for us including the very Best of British Fish and Chips and some traditional British desserts as we celebrate the crowning of King Charles III. However you are spending your weekend we hope it is a good one and you enjoy to the max.


Once in a lifetime?

Students from four Matrix schools visited Tokyo to learn about Japanese culture – and themselves

As a travel destination, Japan remains impossibly out of reach in many people’s minds, despite us here – in the UK – being surrounded by Japanese culture. You can find sushi in your local supermarket; you can watch anime on Netflix; you can find t-shirts featuring famous prints by the artist Hokusai in high street clothing stores like New Look and Primark. Many of the most well known international brands are Japanese in origin: Sony, Toyota, Panasonic, Casio, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nintendo.

And yet, only around 300,000 people from the UK visit Japan each year. This may sound like a lot, but compare this with the 4,300,000 annual UK visitors to Spain.

Whenever we asked teenagers across our schools which country they have most wanted to visit, most had picked Japan. When we asked them why, they listed some of their favourite cultural artefacts: books, films, games. Some cited Japanese history; a fascination with samurai or geisha. But when pushed to think about their answers (as teachers, we never just settle for the first thing that comes to mind!) some of our young people have also talked about imagining it to feel different to what they are used to.

Read more:


Attendance Matters

At Etone we pride ourselves in developing skills and values that in turn make up the Etone Learner. Part of this means we like to celebrate our pupils.

This week we have been celebrating the achievements of our Etone Learners who have maintained 100% attendance since the start of the year. These pupils have shown their determination to make the most of their education and this is no small achievement. Despite short and wet days these pupils make sure they are present and contribute positively to Etone life.

As a well done to all of these pupils they have received a break time treat and were entered into prize draws to win a voucher. Whilst just a small token of our appreciation it is important that we recognise all of our pupils. Keep it up folks.


Staff vs Students – Badminton

On Friday our Sixth Form students and Etone Staff came together to host the first annual Badminton Staff vs Students tournament. Building on from the successes of the football last year the hopes were high for the students to retain their current crown and ensure the staff suffered a second consecutive defeat. 

Out of the 12 matches, each participant took part in 4 matches a piece. Despite being outnumbered the staff put in a stellar performance and a special shout out has to go to being Mr Kitching and Mr Khan who won all of their matches by at least 10 points. Well done to you both.

The overall score was 264 for the teachers and 184 for the students, even though the teachers were outnumbered. Bringing the tally to 1-1.

A total £55 pounds was raised and it was very fun!

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