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Etone College have created an event which was open to year 10s and 11 who are interested specifically in the Armed forces as a career prospect. We had 25 participants including all the Year 10 and 11 RAF Cadets from Etone, 2 Cadets from the local area of Nuneaton that attend Etone and a group of year 10 who had volunteered to find out more about the Army and RAF.

This particular week was the Army Surge week programme. This involved 3 outreach teams from different cap badges in the Army coming together to put together an excellent programme for out group. They started off with the Infantry regiment creating Satalight towers with MKa STEM Kits, They received a talk about what the infantry does and all the different roles you can do in the Infantry E.g., Guarding the Royal Family, Frontline and the Parachute regiment. They then moved onto to a brief from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical engineers. They had to build a Car out of kenex pieces that will hold an air tube. The Reme LCpl would fill the tube up with compressed air for it to travel across the hall at some speed. Some groups where successful and some fell apart but the groups got time to rectify the problems before trying again. After that they received an In-depth brief which was really interactive all about the 7 career sections of the Army and the pathway in which to gain this career.

In the Afternoon the RAF Careers advisor Sgt Chambers did an excellent Personal development session in which the 25 Students had to work as a team to complete simple tasks. The tasks increased in complexity as we went along and this created Team Cohesion within the group and developed their communication skills. We will be inviting Sgt Chambers back in the future for More career’s sessions with our Year 10s and 11s as we do have a lot of students who are interested in Piloting and engineering in the RAF. 

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