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Within the CCF we deliver a progressive syllabus, enabling cadets to learn and improve their skills in many areas from drill to shooting to personal development skills like; communication, leadership, team-building and other key employability skills, which are also delivered across the curriculum here at Etone.

Last weekend, six of our cadets spent the day at Barr Beacon School on a Bronze Leadership course. Cadets had to of already achieved the Blue leadership qualification to be able to attend this weekend.

The day started with some classroom-based lectures on areas like; management styles, communication skills and how to be an effective leader. 

Once this was completed the cadets were then split into groups of six and started a carousel of different leadership activities where each team member lead the group in turn to complete one of six tasks. 

These tasks are known as command task. The task starts with the team leader firstly being briefed on a scenario, what they need achieve, the time scale and what restrictions apply to the task. The team leader, using the SMEAC process (Situation, Mission, Execution, Any questions and Check understanding), will then brief their team with the information they were given, delegate certain roles to members of the team, discuss the task and how the team will complete it, then attempt to complete the task.

Each team leader is then assessed during the task from the initial delivery to their team to the discussion and finally the execution of the task. Each leader is marked against a set of criteria and given a score out of thirty. If they achieve the number of points required, they will pass the task and the course and achieve their Bronze Leadership.

We are very pleased to confirm that all our cadets that attended the course passed and achieved their Bronze Leadership badge and certificate.

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