Etone at Bernieres-sur-Mer

On Monday a group of Etone pupils started their journey to France to Bernieres-sur-Mer where they will spend Enrichment Week taking part in activities designed to give them a full taste of French culture. With a midnight meet up prior to departure our pupils had the chance to wave goodbye to parents and families before getting some rest on the coach drive to the ferry. With the group in good spirits the journey over was a relaxing experience in the sunshine with some truly astonishing sites on the horizon.

After arriving at the border the pupils had a quick stop off in Behen to practice speaking French, recharge and climb to the top of the viewing tower for a 360 view of the surrounding towns. 

Once our pupils arrived at their home for the week it was time to check their bags in before heading to the beach to enjoy the sun set and relax with the excitement of the week still ahead. Stay tuned for more.

On day two of our French expedition our pupils woke up early to a traditional French breakfast provided by our hosts before heading to a local cheese factory to see how some of French’s finest exports are made. Did you know that France produces more that 400 different varieties of cheese. During the visit the pupils enjoyed trying four of the most famous Normandy cheeses and were taken behind the scenes to see how they were made. We know the pupils really enjoyed it and we were glad to Brie a part of it!  

After this there was a visit to Festyland themepark where pupils were able to enjoy going on all of the rides including rollercoasters, pirate ships and even spinning wheel! We hear it was a WHEEL-Y good time. 

All that was left was for our pupils to enjoy another relaxing evening on the beach re-creating our ‘Beach Pic’ from Enrichment 2022.

On day three our pupils woke up to a slight gust of wind as the travelled to some of the more poignant places on their journey. Pupils had the chance to roam the Arromanches landing beach, practising their French skills and buying souvenirs. There were sombre moments a pupils had the chance to consider the sacrifices made on those beaches and showed their respect, displaying all Etone Values in the process. 

Finally it was time to head off to the Bayeux Tapestry, the famous work of art which depicts the 1066 conquest of Britain by William, Duke of Normandy. Our pupils had the chance to spot key events including the famous Battle of Hastings which they were able to make links back to their History lessons. We know Miss Kelly-Smith would be proud.

On the final day we awoke to a wonderful French breakfast including pastries and brioche before heading to the coach for the long journey home. With a pitstop in the wonderful Honfleur there was a chance to get some last minute souvenirs and relax in the glorious sunshine before making the way to the ferry.

With a safe crossing it was time to head back to Etone College where our families were waiting. Thank you to all who took part in the trip and for being the very best Etoner’s you can be.

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