Holocaust Memorial Visit

On Thursday 20th March our Etone Holocaust Ambassadors took the annual trip to Auschwitz Concentration Camp Oświęcim, Poland. This event is held each year by the Holocaust Educational Trust and over the course of their time has seen 32,000 young people become ambassadors and visit the camp.

As a Young Holocaust Ambassador, these students are entrusted with upholding the core values of the organisation and support their peers in the education of the horrific events and why they must never happen again.

Our ambassadors started early with a flight from Birmingham Airport at 3:00am in the morning. Arriving in Poland bleary eyed, they travelled to the camp along with the other ambassadors for this years visit. 

Whilst they were there, it was an opportunity to experience the horrendous conditions the inhabitants of the camp were subjected to, reflect on the years of hurt caused and ultimate impact upon the modern world. 

Of course, we are proud with how our ambassadors uphold themselves and Etone Values for a trip that is uniquely remarkable yet thought provoking. Whilst a sombre atmosphere our students have come away with a very careful consideration for what the Holocaust has meant for society. We are thankful to the Trust for their involvement.

We will not forget them!

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