International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day takes place on the 8th September every year to raise awareness for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities as well as globally.

To honour this day Etone would like you to write a poem with one of the different titles to express your feelings. The poems should speak about importance of literacy, benefits of literacy and the big role it plays in the society and your future at and after Etone. 

The titles of the poems that I have written are given below….

• You Can Have Lot Of Self-Confidence

• A Better Society

• Best Possible Life To Humankind

• Can Anyone Stop Us

• A Great Beauty

Our suggestion is; before you start writing, it’s better to know more on the following…..

•Dictionary Meaning Of Literacy

•Definition Of Literacy From Wikipedia

•Definition Of Literacy: UNESCO

•International Literacy Day

Example Poem


If you can not read

If you can not write

If you don’t have general knowledge

If you can not communicate well

If you can not communicate effectively

Tell me, what is the value of your life?

So, literacy is at the heart of basic education for all.

If you are literate and educated

You can have a lot of self-confidence

And you can lead a life of your own choice.

Success Criteria:

• Feelings towards literacy.

• Explain what literacy is

• Ambitious adjectives

• Simile

• Senses

• Repetition

• Varied line lengths

• Rhyme (at least twice)


• Enjambment

• Personification

• Rhetorical question

• Link to the Etone employability skills

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