KS3 Army Day

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of June Year 7, 8 and 9 took part respectively in the annual Army Day. Over the course of their day the pupils will had an opportunity to take part in activities that developed and promoted our eight Employability Skills and six Etone Values. From Teamwork in ‘Tank Building’ to Trustworthiness in ‘Assault Course’ pupils had the chance to work together and explore the different skills/ values along with careers in the Army.

Feedback from our pupils was overwhelmingly positive and all years felt the day really helped them. Neo expressed his enthusiasm “It was hard at times completing the challenges but I had a lot of fun and have really had a chance to work with my form group.” To summarise this our very own Etone Press Core have written their own reviews of some of the tasks they took part in:

Tank Building

In ‘Tank Building’ we had to follow a set of instructions to build a wooden tank in two teams. Once both teams had built their tanks, we worked as a team to put a driver in place and have them aim their foam balls at the other team in a race. Defiantly my favourite as I got the chance to use Communication and Teamwork.

Communication Tower

In ‘Communication Tower’ we had four ropes, a pole and a stand. We had to get the pole into a stand without making any equipment or ourselves enter a circle in the middle. This was a very challenging task but also extremely fun and gave us a chance to develop our Problem Solving skills.

Code Breaking

In ‘Code Breaking’ we had multiple tables to solve a code in order to send a secret message to a VIP. The scenario gave us an insight into how important codes are in real life and it was really exciting finding out the code which was “Etone College Cracked the Code!” We really had the opportunity to develop our Organisation and Numeracy skills.

Overall we were really pleased with the days and would like to thank the West Midlands Army outreach team for their hard work over the three days. Well done to all Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils for showing just how great Etone can be.

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