Nuneaton Library Visit

On Tuesday a group of our Year 9 pupils took a trip to the Nuneaton Library to explore and research themes for their speaking presentations.

An important Etone Employability Skill for our pupils, communication is an important part of helping to make our pupils confident and articulate members of the community. 

By delivering rich experiences our pupils are able to apply these skills in real life context.

Whilst they were at the library they were also able to shown their organisation skills, looking up books that will help to support their chosen topics.

The topics pupils have chosen are vast, with everything from “The Place of Equality in Society ” to “The Art of Ice Skating”. Some very interesting and exciting topics.

A big thank you to our year 9 pupils who showed what it means to be and Etone Learner. The feedback was wonderful and we were delighted to be welcomed back to the library.

Also we have to thank the library and their team for another wonderful visit. See you next time.

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