Safer Internet Day 2023

This week in assemblies we have been thinking about the online world as we build up to Safer Internet Day 2023. 

Each year we reflect on our own presence online; how do we impact others? how do we feel about our online actions? How do we ensure we make positive contributions?

Whilst it is an ever changing landscape online from TikTok to Cryptocurrency we encourage our pupils to stay up to date with their understanding of what positives the online world brings and the dangers that could potentially harm us.

This year during the week we have been focused on holding conversations regarding the respect and common courtesy we would expect to be given online. The importance of knowing where information has been sourced and its reliability and of course how we can promote positive attitudes online.

With an interesting fact that we stand to spend 20 years of our life online, it make sense we want those to be enjoyable and helpful times.

So this week as you browse the internet or read this story, stop and reflect – How can you be a positive impact online?

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