Staff Warhammer Painting Competition

Last year, Etone College held its first Warhammer painting competition, where 11 staff members and 1 member of the wider Etone Community painted a Stormcast Eternal from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar table top miniatures game.  After a close competition, Mr Barnes earned himself third place, Mrs Geddes earned herself second place, and the winner was Mrs Carlton.

This year, the competition returned…better than ever…

Launched just before Easter, the staff at Etone College and members of the Etone Community were challenged to paint a Space Marine from the Warhammer 40,000 table top miniatures game.  12 staff members, and 6 members of the Etone Community, took up this challenge to show their skills and ability with a paint brush.

Then just before half term, the students were asked to vote on the completed miniatures, with them being split across two categories; staff and Etone Community, to decide which miniatures deserved the titles this year.

First, the results for the Etone Community competition which saw some fantastic entries;

In third place, Mr Hirst, Mrs Hirst’s husband.

In second place, Miss Tretyakova, currently on maternity leave.

In first place, was Mr Phillips, Mrs Carlton’s father.

Now for the staff competition, which saw a number of staff new to hobby, whilst others competed last year;

In third place, Miss Carlton.

In second place, Mr Barnes.

In first place, Mr McKenna.

Thank you to all that helped make this event possible and well done to everyone that submitted a miniature.

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