Table Tennis Tournament

On Tuesday we were thrilled to host our inaugural Table Tennis Tournament to unearth Etone’s 2022 Table Tennis Champion. Starting this year our Year 10 pupils have been using the table tennis facilities at the school during break time and after school. They have be honing their skills in sometimes very challenging weather conditions to become contenders and show the resilience we expect every Etone Learner to harness.

At the event itself the atmosphere was amazing with both staff and pupils turning up to support the players. Mr Bowen in particular was enthused to see so many turn out to cheer on in the crowds as the tournament took place.

Well done to all of our pupils for showing sportsmanship and being all that we ask of our pupils to be:

  • A Hussain
  • A Lucan
  • B McNeal
  • C Cross
  • I Nembang
  • I Rashid
  • J Quincey
  • K Lumsden
  • MI Khalifa
  • RY Iqbal
  • U Khalifa
  • WL Smith

After 90 minutes the final league table standings were calculated and the top four played in a knockout competition.

Semi Final 1 – We witnessed an exciting game between Muhammed IK against Jack Q with the last point being won by Muhammed which sent him through to the final.

Semi Final 2 – Kaylum L took on the powerhouse that is Ingso N. Kaylum was at his peak but unfortunately he couldn’t stop the whirlwind and the match was comfortably won by Ingso.

3rd Place Playoff –  (Jack v Kaylum) – With a searing temperature in the main hall both players played a well contested game with Jack narrowly coming out on top to take the bronze.

The final was hotly contested (Muhammed v Ingso):

Due to the nature of the game and to avoid bias from any House, Mr Baggott kindly umpired the game. Smash shot after cut shot after sliced serves came from both players to try and take the advantage. 

Ingso took an early lead which Muhammed pulled back in the latter stages of the game. 

However, there was no stopping the whirlwind and Ingso finally came out victorious and became the new Etone College Table Tennis Champion for 2022.

Final Places

1st Ingso N

2nd Muhammed IK

3rd Jack Q

4th Kaylum L

All players were rewarded with House Points and the top four will be awarded in due course. Well done once again to all taking part and get practicing to see who can take on Ingso for the title in 2023.

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