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As the first full academic year of the Warhammer Club comes to a close, it is time for reflection on what has been a fantastic time.  The attendees at the club have grown in number, with many students trying the hobby of Warhammer for the first time and others being able to practice their hobby at school.

At the end of the previous academic year, we, as a club, contacted White Dwarf Magazine, the official Warhammer magazine to let them know how we had progressed as a club during our first year.  At the start of this academic year, White Dwarf got in contact with us to ask if we would like to be featured in the August issue of the magazine.  We then sent an explanation and some photos of the club and the miniatures that the students have been working on.  Following the efforts of staff and students, we are very proud to say that the Etone College Warhammer Club are to be featured in the August issue of White Dwarf.  Well done to all of those involved with the club, this is an incredible opportunity to be featured in an internationally distributed magazine.

This year has seen the students playing games of Warhammer 40,000; Kill Team, a skirmish game where at least two different factions engage in a battle to control the battlefield by rolling dice to determine the success of various actions.  The club provides different prebuilt Kill Teams for the students to use, covering a number of different factions across the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  The students have grown in confidence with the game mechanics over the year, and have started setting up games when they arrive to make sure they have as much time as possible to play.

Over the previous summer, we set up a library section of the classroom, and this has been actively used throughout the year with students using the previous issues of White Dwarf for painting scheme references and some have borrowed the reading books to learn more about the Warhammer lore.

In May, we launched a staff painting competition where all of the staff at Etone College were offered the opportunity to build and paint a Warhammer miniature, specifically a Stormcast Eternal.  12 miniatures were submitted by the deadline of 30th June 2023, with names for the miniatures, and then the students and staff were then asked to vote on their favourite design.  In total, 453 votes were cast, with a number of the positions changing over the course of the week.  By the time voting closed the following positions were finalised; third place being awarded to Mr Barnes, second place being awarded to Mrs Geddes, and the winning miniature being painted by Miss Phillips.  A massive congratulations to them and to all that took part, the Warhammer Club are looking forward to what can be produced next year…

To summarise, the Warhammer Club would like to say a massive thank you to all of the staff and students that have taken part in some aspect of the Warhammer Club this year, be it attending the club or taking part in the painting competition.  We look forward to starting a fresh in the new academic year, with new adventures to be had in the worlds of Warhammer.  We hope that you have a restful Summer break.

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