Year 10 – Rollercoaster Rewards

On Thursday 13th July our Year 10 pupils were given the opportunity to celebrate the end of the year with our annual trip to Drayton Manor. At Etone College pupils get the opportunity to earn House Points in everything they do. By achieving in lessons, attending extra-curricular clubs or taking part in student leadership roles there is a chance for everyone to earn success. For this year where our pupils had exceeded expectations and have had extremely positive inputs into their House and the school they received the chance to attend the trip as a reward for their efforts. With discounted rates for other pupils there was the chance for everyone to attend as a year group as they said goodbye to their last days as Year 10.

During the day there was fun a plenty and despite a packed out park our pupils were able to enjoy the full experience, get on all of the rides and relax in the sunshine. It was lovely to see our pupils interacting both with each other and the wider community and showing all Etone Values in the process. Particularly poignant is how supportive our pupils were of each other throughout the day, ensuring no person was left alone on a ride and everyone was having a good time.

Of course there was also the opportunity for pupils to ‘encourage’ staff to join them on a ride. For some reason the most popular ride the pupils requested were the water rides, with the Splashtastic Log Flume the ‘people’s choice’. Despite the name the teachers were surprised by just how drenched they got, although there were no cross faces – Well not form the pupils at least. 

The trip was another great success and it was a lovely treat for the pupils as they prepare to enter their final year in KS4 and with that the build up to their final exams. We would like to take this time to wish our Year 10’s a happy summer, to stay safe and remind them we are excited to see them again as we start their journey through Year 11 together.

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