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Fifteen HPA year 8 students enjoyed a second day at Coventry University. After starting the day with an introduction to HE, they completed subject masterclasses in Media and Music as well as experiencing the university courtroom and seeing a puppetry demonstration…

On Thursday a group of our pupils returned to Coventry University to continue their enrichment program. Upon our arrival we were warmly greeted by our hosts for the day as our pups had the chance to explore all Uni life us to offer.

First up on the tour the pupils got the chance to delve into the media department. With use of the university’s first class resources, there was chance for pupils to produce and present their very own news program. As the pupils got into the full spirit, the first impressive edition of Etone News was in the making.

However, the experience didn’t stop there as next up was the mock court. After the initial excitement of venue our pupils were able to take part in a mini mock trial and consider the potential opportunities at the universities school of law. Despite a close shave the judge agreed to release Mrs Leftwich-Lloyd, providing good behaviour.

As our pupils neared the end of their time they had the chance to enter the music studio and use industry level equipment. Our pupils were able to practice their skills, play with the full range of wonderful buttons on the sound board and generally consider their next steps.

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