Etone College Pupil’s Perspective: Our MFL Inter-Trust Futbol Victory!

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to share our amazing experience at the MFL Matrix Academy Trust Futbol Competition this year! Not only did Etone College come out on top, but we also learned so much along the way. 

At first, I wasn’t sure about taking French next year. But this competition changed everything for me. We had to give speeches in French about different Francophone countries. It was nerve-wracking but really fun. During the football matches, we used French words to direct our team. It was incredible to see how well we worked together and communicated, and we didn’t concede a single goal!

We realised how football and French can be linked. Using French on the field made us think faster and work better as a team. We even had a special guest from Futbol Lingo, who gave a speech about why learning languages is important for sporting success.

Playing against other schools in the trust, we welcomed a few girls from DEC and a few lads from Smestow to our team. They quickly became part of our group, and it felt great to make new friends while playing the game we love.

Now, I can’t wait to take French next year. This experience taught us that knowing French can help us become successful footballers and be part of the global football community.

Thanks for reading!

B. Harris, Y9

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