Help Your Child Revise is a Success

Our Parent Support Workshops have been a really successful aspect of our parental communication strategy at Etone College. As you will be aware we ensure that wherever support is required, it is there to be accessed. 

In our first session of 2023 we continued this success with our annual KS4/5 Help Your Child Revise Workshop. With mock exams on the horizon and our incoming Year 10 and 12’s starting their next chapter, it is always important to provide pupils and parents with the very best information with plenty of time to embed practices.

One of the interesting facts from our research in this years session, was the impact that early revision can have on a pupil. From a recent study where a pupil engages in effective revision at the start of their study, this increases their overall results by between 1 ½ – 3 grades. In discussions with our parents this was perhaps the most surprising highlight of the evening. It is therefore, of course, imperative that we support pupils to revise throughout their time with us.

Additionally it was an opportunity for parents to be aware of the support we provide pupils with effective revision. This is something we are proud of at Etone and through assemblies pupils get the chance to explore revision strategies, the importance of revising and how to access support for exam stress. Following this pupils develop their revision skills through tasks during their Form Time activities and create their own personalised revision timetable.

There was also an opportunity to share some fantastic resources that are available to all parents in supporting their children with revision: 

Whilst the focus was clearly on supporting our pupils and families there was even an opportunity to take part in some fun activities including the below task. Why not try it?

  1. Write down the letters of the alphabet
  2. Circle the vowels
  3. Underline all the consonants
  4. Find the letter that comes before R
  5. Work out what is special about this phrase – the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
  6. Don’t do any of the above except for the first one

The aim of their exercise is to understand how important it is for pupils to read questions/ criteria carefully before carrying out the task – We hope you got it right!

All of the information on the evening along with our video recording is available on our website, so please have a look and use the information to support yourselves and your families:

Parent Support Sessions:

Etone College Revision Website: 

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