Leavers Assembly 2024

On Wednesday we invited our Year 11’s back into school to celebrate their end of year with the Leavers Assembly 2024.

This event is one of the key parts of our Leavers Celebration and is always filled with laughter and smiles as we look back over the past 5 years of our pupil’s education. As the event went underway our pupil’s entered the café as Year 11 for the very last time, tucking into a banquet of bacon and sausage batches watered down with some delicious juices. As they shared updates on what had filled their time since the last exams, some gave teachers their thank you gifts whilst others were busy catching up on the latest from the walls of Etone. We were particularly thrilled to be inundated with resources, uniform and revision guides kindly donated to us by our pupils. Where donations were particularly large our pupils received a reward of a shopping voucher as a small token of thanks.

Upon entering the hall the pupils were welcomed to a specially created video looking back at some of the times they have had at Etone College over the years. There were particular smiles to see how the sweet smiling faces of Year 7’s morphed into the determined and focused one’s ready for the exam season. Following this there was time to reward pupils for their success with; House Points, Attendance and Progress rewards to boot. With Echo Shows and vouchers around this was a fantastic opportunity to thank they Year 11’s for their input across the school.

With leavers hoodies on and some comical awards, the finale built up to a very heartfelt montage of the Year 11’s final few hours at Etone College as pupils, before waving them goodbye. We now eagerly await the displays of elegance at the Prom 2-24!

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