M&G Enterprise Challenge

On Thursday 29th February 30 Year 7 students had the opportunity to take part in the M&G Enterprise Challenge. The aim of the day was to act as large-scale event organisers in charge of arranging a pop concert for 10,000 young people. The students had to consider many different aspects of running the day. The first task they were given was to create a questionnaire to decide on different aspects of the concert such as the type of food and music on offer. After collecting the results of the questionnaire they displayed their results using a bar chart. Next they had to decide on the most important part of any concert, the set list, ensuring they had enough acts to last the length of the concert and to keep track of the total cost. Finally the students set their ticket price to ensure they made a profit and the long awaited stage design commenced using nets of 3D shapes. The students worked excellently together showing their employability skills throughout the session.


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