The BIG Olympic Challenge

Well we finally made it to the Big Olympic Rowing Challenge 2024.

At the start of this year we set out to achieve the biggest donation to our House Charities so far this year. Each House Charity supports a local causes and does a lot to aid our local area (you can read about these below.)

As part of this initiative we decided to set up the BIG OLYMPIC ROWING CHALLENGE – With each House racing the distance between Dover to Calais and back (40.8km) in preparation for the Summer 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

Across the weeks our Community Champions have been supporting with the build up until finally the day was upon us. As the event began Phoenix took an early leave with Mr Baggot (the only sport teacher at the start) storming ahead. Mr Bowley did well to keep second place and build a short distance between Dragon and Griffin with Mrs Price, although a valiant effort, take fourth place. However with change overs and cool downs this soon changed with a complete change up of the bottom three places. Miss Greenhalgh working a double shift put Centaur back on the road to glory, taking second position as we neared the end of the first session. 

Following this despite a SPOTY worthy effort from Mr Smith, Mr Hodgson and Mrs Harris the team were not able to derail Phoenix’s impressive force with Mr Key taking it home for the flamed bird at 12:20pm representing the journey from Dover to Calais and back again. With Mr Hodgson bringing the silver medal home for Centaur just 6 minuets later. As we entered the afternoon pupils cheered on the efforts of Griffin and finally Dragon as they reached the finish line. It was a really lovely event and feedback form all is overwhelmingly supportive. A big thank you from Mr Bowley for all of the efforts from all areas.

In total so far we have raised £1,013 in donations with an additional £217.14 in Gift Aid donations for charity. This is a truly amazing amount but we are hoping for a little bit more. With all House Charities set to receive more than £250 towards their efforts and good causes. We are truly astounded by your support and thank you.

If you are able to give a little more to the campaign please do by following the link:

Centaur – George Elliot Diabetes Support Group

Formed in 1996 the GEDSG aim to deliver support for people with diabetes and their families through a full range of activities and provision. The group also carries out some really important fundraising work and it is our pleasure to be able to add to this by naming them the Centaur House Charity for 2021/2022.

At Etone we pride ourselves in supporting each other no matter the situation and this is something that is mirrored by the GEDSG. In Centaur particularly we strongly promote the values of aiding your peers no matter what and offering a helping hand wherever you can. Therefor it is fitting that group receive our support for the next academic year.


Dragon – Guy’s Gift

Guy’s Gift delivers bereavement support for children and young people throughout Coventry and Warwickshire. Our early intervention service is open to 5- to 25-year-olds and tackles a range of emotional concerns, preventing them from escalating and helping individuals to achieve their potential and continue their lives in a meaningful way.

Dragon have selected this charity in solidarity with all of our pupils that have suffered bereavement, especially given the current climate.  Something that is close to our hearts.


Griffin – Doorway

Doorway is an independent charity based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, working with young people aged 16 – 25 years who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Their short-term aim is to help young people solve the immediate crisis of “no home, no money”.

Their long-term aim is to improve life chances through learning to live independently and accessing training, education and employment.

We have selected Doorway as Griffin’s charity as it’s local to Nuneaton and has supported some of our students in the past through difficult personal circumstances.

Our House Motto is Aspiration, Determination and Success and we recognise that sometimes we need to support others in order for them to achieve this. Therefore Doorway is exactly the kind of charity we feel we should support.


Phoenix – Mary Ann Evans Hospice

MAEH strive to enhance the quality of life of people who have a life limiting illness, by offering physical, emotional, social and spirtual support to them, their families and those caring for them.

Mary Ann Evans Hospice ethos supports that of Phoenix house. Our motto, ‘Never less than our best’ can be seen in the work carried out by this charity. They provide the best end of life care they possibly can to help make a person with a life limiting illness, as comfortable as possible. This in turn, can provide them and their families, some additional time to make some ever lasting memories.

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