Working at Home

You can use these resources to work from home.

If necessary, use your curriculum maps to remind yourself of what you would be learning in school. They can be found HERE.

Then you can complete some of the below activities.

MyMaths Resource

MyMaths is a subscription-based mathematics website based on Adobe Flash which can be used on interactive whiteboards or by students and teachers at home. Access HERE

English Resources

Practise your punctuation with these interactive grammar exercises - HERE

A Guide to Home Learning


Britannica School - Resource for ALL Subjects

We have a subscription to this encyclopaedic resource which contains articles for you to read which are related to everything we study in school.


If you are in Year 7/8, you will probably want to start with Foundation, Years 9/10/11 with Intermediate and Years 12/13 with Advanced, but you can change your Reading Level later (3 is the most challenging, 1 the least challenging).

Starline - Home Learning Helpline

StarLine offers expert information and advice to parents and carers.

Knowledge Organisers

Home Working - Your Tasks


EnglishClick Here
GeographyClick Here
Health & Social CareClick Here
HistoryClick Here
LanguagesClick Here
Physical EducationClick Here
ScienceClick Here