Year 10 Travel Across Time

On Monday our Year 10 historians travelled Worcester to visit the Worcester Infirmary and Medical Museum. The aim of the visit was to broaden their understanding of Health and the People the first topic in their History GCSE.

Across the day pupils were given a tour of a Georgian infirmary, including the old site of a morgue, spotting graffiti from as far back as 1867 – a testament to the age of the infirmary.

Following this pupils explored the interactive history of Worcester’s contributions to medical developments in Britain. To see the developments that have occurred was incredible and striking to our pupils, the historic dress up was a particular hit with the year ten boys.

After the initial look around the days main event took place. Pupils partook in a Victorian surgery workshop by recreating a surgery before and after the development of anaesthetics in 1847. Students acted as patients, surgeons, dressers (to hold the un-anaesthetised patient still!) and eventually anaesthetists which was fantastic. It was great to see them really getting involved and showing the values we expect from our Etone Learners. With a final chance to learn about the role of criminals’ bodies in the development of anatomy and saw close up real death masks of such criminals, it was time for our pupils and staff to depart back to Etone.

As always behaviour was outstanding and our group was complimented by members of the museum, with plenty of volunteers and pupils eager to ask questions and get involved it was an extremely enjoyable day.. Well done to all!

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