Year 13 Prom 2019

As I sat watching these young people all dancing together on the dance floor it strongly came to my mind that this was the end of a chapter in their lives and the start of a new one. Many of them had been with us from Year Seven and like the caterpillar, could almost be overlooked in the array of lots of them, with too big blazers and shiny new shoes.  Looking at the glitz, the sparkle, the glamour of our young ladies and the smart suave assurance of our young men they truly looked ready to spread their wings and fly to their next adventures.  Destinations were varying, universities the length and breadth of the country, apprenticeships and jobs in many different sectors. The transitions for them at times scary but also exciting.  Without a doubt, each of them is ready for the steps into their places in shaping the future of us all.   As staff we looked on and felt renewed and revitalised to see them ‘ready willing and able’ to face new challenges. Each confident face knowing for certain that through their hard work, perseverance and commitment that aspirations can be achieved.

This was also a poignant time for us in the Sixth Form as it was Mr Mitchell’s last Prom. The staff and students thank him for his hard work, dedication and vision and wish him the very best for his next position. There is no doubt fancy dress will be a prominent feature of that College! To him and our departing students, we look forward to hearing of their successes and have every confidence that they will be assets to their next establishments.  One final thought, to them and as a reminder to us all, ‘ You must be the change you wish to see in the world.‘  Dr King

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