World Book Day

Next week, pupils at Etone will be celebrating World Book Day with a series of games and activities to promote their love of reading.

They will get the chance to see their teachers dressed up as favourite characters and to find out fun facts about them.  They will also be challenged to deduce which books inspired their teachers to read when they were younger.  Year 7 pupils will take place in the ‘BIG Book Quiz’ to test their knowledge of the world of books.

Miss White will be launching the ‘guess the teacher’ competition where tutor groups will get to see many of their disguised teachers reading extracts from their well-loved books.  Will they be able to guess who?

We have loads of book prizes available to be won on the day and there might even be some surprise giveaways so get thinking – what do you love about reading?

In the week after World Book Day the Scholastic Book Fair will be vising Etone again where pupils will have the chance to browse and buy a wide range of reduced and half price titles.


National Numeracy Day

On 17th May 2023 Etone College joined in to celebrate National Numeracy Day 2023. The day started in 2012 as a way to promote the values of numeracy and to provide support to ensure everybody has access to developing their basic numeracy skills. Working with employers and educators the event looks to raise awareness and improve levels of Numeracy across the UK.

At Etone our pupils had the chance to take part in some Numeracy challenges with the hope to win prizes and glories for their Form Tutor and Heads of House. Take a look at the challenges yourself and see if you could be a winner.

For more information on National Numeracy Day check out the link:


Get Caught Reading

Any students caught reading by a member of staff, in their own social times, will be handed a raffle ticket which will eventually be put in a jar for a prize draw raffle each half term. Students could be caught reading on multiple occasions for more names in the draw.

Come to the Library to find the perfect book for you!

Good Luck!


Book Buzz at Etone College!

Students in years 7 and 8 have started the new college year with the thrilling offer of a free book! Book buzz is a reading programme for pupils aged 11-13 to support a love of reading. It is run by the charity Book Trust and every year, Etone College participates in this programme to provide an exciting new book for nearly 400 students!

With 17 books to choose from, there is a wide selection of titles in both fiction and non-fiction including magical mysteries and murder mysteries, intense adventures, thrillers bursting with twists and turns, spectacular sci-fi, dystopias and double agents, time-travel, motivational books, sport, animals and comedies.

The range includes dyslexia friendly titles, quick reads, graphic novels and both fact and fiction. Here’s a strange but true fact! Did you know that some spiders have their brains extended in their legs? Did you know that some people dream in black and white? That the Earth hums? Fun facts await those who prefer non-fiction! Historical fiction titles include events such as The Blitz and also the sinking of the large luxury liner, The Titanic with the loss of over 1,500 lives.

Lots of the books include coming of age plots and the relatable themes of friendships and fitting in and building our self-esteem and identity. Marcus Rashford’s book is perfect for developing ambitions and boosting your self-confidence.

 Established authors feature widely in this year’s books including Lauren St John, Fleur Hitchcock, Phil Earle, Anthony Horowitz, Jason Reynolds and Lisa Thompson. Pupils are currently watching a persuasive video from each author who discusses their inspiration for writing the book and a few teasing clues to the genre and plot.Pupils are advised to choose different titles to encourage swaps and reading as many as they wish to play Book Buzz bingo. All titles are quizzable in Accelerated reader lessons and multiple books read and quizzed will be rewarded with house points, chocolate and other prizes. There is also a new Book Buzz challenge card with cross curricular tasks which will be rewarded with book and puzzle prizes. Could you turn your book into a graphic novel? Or create a film poster for your book buzz film? Send a question to the author? Perhaps design a game based on the plot or facts?

Pupils can also find more information and activities on the Bookbuzz site with a dedicated student zone with competitions to enter, the latest blogs by authors, book reviews by pupils and the chance to complete a quiz. Check out the site!


World Book Day 25th Anniversary

Library lessons were very different this year as timetabled classes were given research tasks based on the last 25 years. Working in teams, pupils were given an image of a book and firstly had to research when this was first published. This was then further followed by attempts to ‘read my mind’ and research books, TV, films and national news from that year which was a match to Miss Elliott. All students thoroughly enjoyed the research task and were rewarded with treats, stationery and extra World Book Day tokens for their matches!

After college, the library was full of students who joined in with the 25th anniversary celebrations with a special cake, snacks and drinks and a hunt for hidden extra World Book Day tokens in the library. Pupils excitedly collected these and have been redeeming their tokens for free books in participating local book stores. All students at Etone College also received a token to exchange for a free book.

The challenge in the library involved props which had a connection to book characters and with the help of a written clue attached, students had 25 props to guess. Students worked together in teams, determined to answer at least twenty to ensure they won a prize for their efforts. Eighteen students won stationery sets, mini board games, sweets, chocolate, rubix cubes and various books.

Huge congratulations to Harry 8C1 who worked independently and guessed them all. Well done to Zeeshan and Zayn in 7P1, Ramello and Diya in 7P2, Olaf and Lacey in 7D1, Lemar 7D2, Lacey in 7C1, Sara 7G1 and Christiana 7G2. Additionally, Isabelle, Oliver, Eleanor and Millicent 8P1, Oana 8D1, Vinish 8C1 and Maddison 9G2.


Accelerate Reader News

Students in years 7 and 8 have been busy playing BookBuzz Bingo with their free books received last term. Six books read and quizzed successfully earns a large bar of chocolate and nine books is rewarded with a bigger prize. So far, Olaf 7D1 and Faith 7G2 have won chocolate and Vinish in 8C1 has earned a larger prize. Lots of students are working their way through the many Bookbuzz titles from the last five years in order to earn rewards and earning lots of additional house points along the way!

Each student has an annual individual points target in their Accelerated Reader lessons and earn points through successfully quizzing on the books. All target students receive certification and a name in the Summer prize draw for vouchers. Those who reach multiple targets, are further rewarded with multiple names in the draw. Our Target students so far are:

Diya 7P2, Olaf 7D1, Yousuf 7P2, Jia 7D1 in year 7.

In year 8, well done also to Zayd 8C1, Raeesa 8P1, Madiha 8C1, Andrei 8G1, Nabiha 8D1, Rebeca 8G1.

Outstandingly, Vinish 8C1 is a double target student and Lemar in 7D2 is a triple target student.

Students who become word Millionaire readers in our Accelerated Reader library lessons, are rewarded with a special certificate and also a free book from the Scholastic book fair this month. Well deserving students who will take a free book very soon are Olaf 7D2, Zayd 7D1, Raeesa 8P1, Vinish 8C1 and Rebeca 8G1. Lemar in 7D2 is a double millionaire and will be rewarded with two free books for all of his hard work. Well done to all of you!


Empowered Poetry Writing Competition

Each term at Etone College we launch a Young Writers poetry competition. The most recent competition has been the Empowered Poetry Writing Competition. This competition has given students the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions through poetry.

There are many incredible prizes to be won, including winning The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence, a £100 National Book Token for the class and getting your poem published in a poetry anthology. To enter the competition, students must collect an entry form from their English teacher and return the completed poem by the deadline set. We are looking forward to reading your empowering poems!


Scholastic Book Fair

Book Fair Comes to Etone!

The hugely successful Scholastic book fair is due to return to Etone between Wednesday March 16th and Thursday March 24th.

Pupils will all be given an opportunity to browse and buy.  There are over 200 titles for you and your child to choose from, and with prices starting from only £2.99, there’s sure to be a book for everyone.

This year the Book Fair will be a ‘Cashless’ Event.

If you’d like to browse beforehand, take a look at the catalogue (link below) in order to view the latest offers.  If you see something you’d like to purchase, either buy a voucher to present at the book fair or complete your order online so Mrs Elliott can distribute the book directly to you.

Purchase a Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers available at . Pre-paid gift vouchers are available in £5, £10, £15, £20 and £25. Once a purchase has been made, you will receive the voucher in an email which can be printed and given to your child to present at the book fair.

They’re a great way to ensure your child doesn’t miss out.

Online Payments

Payments can also be made online. Please search for Etone College or use our postcode of CV11 6AA. Please provide the details of your child’s name and form when making payments.

As thanks for running the book fair, Scholastic give free books to our school library which ensure that our pupils have access to the most up to date and popular reads.


World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March marked the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day. Held annually the day is celebrated globally as an opportunity to promote reading to the next generation and establish of love of literature which will follow children throughout their lives.

At Etone we were overjoyed to be able to recognise the day in all of it’s glory with activities which allowed pupils to further explore the world of books and delve deep into the art of reading.

As the day began we welcomed pupils in for a non-uniform dress up day. Pupils and staff were challenged to dress us as their literature favourites, whether they were old classics or new wonders it was fantastic to see the level of effort our pupils put in with Harry Potter, the BFG and even a real live dinosaur to share in the fun!

Aligning with our value of caring pupils were also given the opportunity to donate £1 if they were not in costume to wear non-uniform. Together we raised an amazing £754.16 which will be split equally into £188.54 between our four House charities: Centaurs – George Elliot Diabetes Support Group, Dragons – Guy’s Gift, Griffins – Doorway and Phoenix’s – Mary Ann Evans Hospice. All four local worthy causes who will greatly benefit from the kindness our staff and pupils have shown.

In addition to the dressing up pupils have been taking part over the previous half term in our Readathon competition. As a form group pupil are well on their way to working up their totals and are raising funds for the Readathon charity.

Our pupils in KS3 were also excited to take part in the Big Book Quiz where groups from all houses battled it our to be the champions of the school. Although there was tough competition Centaur were able to read between the lines and pull a win out of the bag. Well done to them!

Finally our pupils have been working hard all week solving the mysteries of “Whose bookshelf is it?” With some of our staff members kindly sharing their book shelves and getting involved in the festivities. A big congratulations to 8C1 for winning the quiz.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and we can’t wait for next year. Look out for more updates on the Readathon and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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